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Improving Lives with Better Jobs and Homes

Blue River Enterprise, LLC in Orland Park, Illinois, wants to help people improve their lives by offering part-time job options and affordable housing. Our company purchases properties and businesses in the area in order to provide homes and jobs to people.

Acquiring Business Establishments

In order to help people find good jobs, we approach business owners and buy their commercial establishments which have seen better days. These establishments may include laundromats, retail stores, small department stores, and the like. Once we have acquired these businesses, we fix them up, turn them around, and create employment opportunities.

Creating Jobs

Most of the people who come to us are college students and seniors, although our service is available to the general public. We offer competitive wages so that the people we hire can make a good living. Our ultimate goal is to help out as many people as possible.

Group of Happy People

Living Arrangements

In an effort to assist people who are in need of affordable and stable living arrangements, we purchase housing properties, like multi-family units, that we can rent out. We plan on buying more properties in the south, southwest, and east side of Chicago's suburban district. More people with low incomes will have a chance to have a decent home with our help. We look for great deals when buying properties so that we can offer them at low rates.